In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the financial impact for most small businesses in our community is going to be staggering.

Aspen Grove Marketing and many more businesses and organizations are coming together to do what we know how to do best – create a wave of support for our local businesses through digital marketing.
We are asking all businesses, people, and organizations to share the following messages to their social channels to encourage fans to support local when, where, and how they can, as best as they can during these incredibly challenging times.

Social Media Posts

Below are several different variations of social media posts that can be shared with your following on several different platforms. Please adjust as necessary.

1. The financial impacts of COVID-19 will likely be felt far longer than the virus itself. But together, we’re bigger than any virus and we’re #StrongerTogether. Now is the time that we must all come together to support our community and local businesses. Our mission is to encourage you to help us by #DoingMyPartNoCo!

❤︎ Buy gift cards from your favorite stores to use later
❤︎ Get takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurants
❤︎ Shop at our local businesses’ online stores

Please share this message, help us support local, and use the hashtag #DoingMyPartNoCo while you’re at it

2.  Aside from physically distancing, the best thing you can do for our local community is to support the local businesses and nonprofits that make Northern Colorado such a wonderful place to call home. There are many ways to do so – order takeout from your favorite restaurant, shop their online store, or buy a gift card for later use. We’re asking everyone to help us by #DoingMyPartNoCo to make sure everyone – businesses included – survive this pandemic.

3. We may be physically distanced, but we’re not isolated. The Northern Colorado community is strong and we’ve always come together to support one another through challenging times. We WILL get through the COVID-19 crisis together. One of the best ways we can show up for each other is to support small businesses that do so much for our economy. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, get curbside deliveries, shop their online stores, and buy gift cards for later. Ask your friends to do the same. When we all pledge to help by #DoingMyPartNoCo, we are unstoppable. We’re simply #StrongerTogether.

4. Fear and viruses spread quickly, but so do love, hope, and support. Let’s all do our part to lift each other up and help everyone thrive even in the midst of these challenging times. We’re #StrongerTogether so we’re asking that everyone pledge to lift up neighbors, friends, and the many small businesses in our community that make us who we are. Purchase gift cards to use later, get takeout food, shop their online stores, ask for curbside delivery and help everyone make it through.

5. During times like this, we’re reminded that we are #StrongerTogether. We might be distanced, but we’re not isolated and together we can still do so much for each other and our community. Please consider doing what you can do to support our local businesses and organizations. We’re asking everyone to help by #DoingMyPartNoCo to make a real difference. Shop local, ask for curbside pickups, buy gift cards for later, and get takeout from your favorite restaurants.

6. Tell us in the comments below, how are you #DoingYourPartNoCo? We’re #StrongerTogether and we can get through this by supporting each other and our local businesses.

Ways to Support Small Businesses

During the COVID-19 crisis, there are still many ways you can support small businesses. Please encourage your following to do some of the following:

  • Buy gift cards from your favorite stores to use later
  • Get takeout from your favorite restaurants
  • Shop their online stores
  • Ask for curbside delivery
  • See if your local favorite businesses have any online experiences, classes, books, or activities for you to participate in
  • Check-in with your favorite stores to see if there’s anything specific you can do

As you share these social posts on your feeds and when you’re #DoingYourPartNoCo, we’re asking you to include the following hashtags along with your posts.
Gang, let’s get them trending!

Graphic Images

We have created the following graphics to be shared in conjunction with these social posts. Please feel free to share these images with your posts.