Aspen Grove Marketing could talk all day long about social media tips… sometimes we do.  We’ve compiled a list of 50 of our favorite Social Media, Website, Email, and SEO tips in no particular order.  Some will help you grow your following, some will help you ‘look better’ online, and others teach you something you may have never known to be possible.  Here are our favorite and most useful social media tips:

  1. Social Media Tip: When creating content for your social profiles envision
    Social Media Tips with Aspen Grove Marketing in Fort Collins, CO

    Social Media is Conversational!

    yourself in a room with your audience.  Write as you would speak to them.  Social media is conversational.

  2. Social Media Tip: Show up and join the conversation.  On Instagram and Twitter especially, it can be very valuable to follow a certain set of hashtags and engage with the conversations that are happening on them regularly.
  3. Blog Tip: Make sure your blogs are optimized for search engines. Not sure what that means or how to do it?  Find someone who does who can help you. *Hint Hint* (It’s us!)
  4. Social Media Tip: Some groups now allow you to join and comment as your page! Don’t abuse it and don’t be ‘spammy’ or too ‘salesy’.
  5. SEO Tip: Instead of continually referring to your business as ‘we’ or ‘us’ use your business name and location for SEO purposes.
  6. Social Media Tip: Post often! It doesn’t have to be every day, but with regular posting, your profiles will get more engagement, and therefore more likely to be seen more often.
  7. Social Media Tip: Your cover photo on Facebook and Twitter is good real estate for marketing. Include a photo with details and information about upcoming events or products.
  8. Website Tip: Be sure to include social icons with links to your social profiles to increase followers.
  9. Social Media Tip: On LinkedIn and Facebook, share the business page’s updates every once in a while on your personal page so your personal friends can see what the business is up to.
  10. Email Tip: Websites like Mailchimp and Constant Contact offer low-cost and easy email design websites to help you send compelling email content!

    Social Media Tips with Aspen Grove Marketing in Fort Collins, CO

    Monitor Your Analytics!

  11. Social Media Tip: Monitor your analytics! Know which posts perform best so you are able to hone in on your most successful content.
  12. Social Media Tip: Reserve some of your marketing dollars for advertising on social media. You would be surprised how far this investment will get you!
  13. Social Media Tip: Pre-record your Instagram videos to enhance production quality! Learn how here.
  14. Social Media Tip: Invite people who like your posts to like your page.  Here’s a quick how-to.
  15. Social Media Tip: Make sure your phone notifications are turned on so you know when someone engages with your page.  Then respond.

    Social Media Tips with Aspen Grove Marketing in Fort Collins, CO

    Review ALL Content!

  16. Social Media Tip: Get a second set of eyes on your content.  When you live face deep in something you can miss the little things.  A quick review can go a long way to helping you avoid a snafoo like this one (see “Teen Vogue” image to the right).
  17. Social Media Tip: Have more than one LinkedIn Account?  DYK you can merge your duplicate LinkedIn profiles and keep all your connections?
  18. SEO Tip: Set a meta-description for each blog and page on your site. It will not only improve your SEO, but it will also help people decide if they should click on your page when it shows up in search results.
  19. Social Media Tip: Vary the kinds of content you share. Rotate between status updates, videos, photos, and links to keep the content fresh and appeal to various users.
  20. Social Media Tip: Be human! Show faces of employees, customers, and events because people connect with people.
  21. Social Media Tip: If you share more than one photo at a time, be sure to edit the caption of all images to match your status update so if a user clicks on one photo alone, they get the information you want them to see.
  22. SEO Media Tip: Be sure to include a call-to-action at the end of every blog that includes relevant information about your company and the action you want the reader to take.
  23. Social Media Tip: If your business is in the service industry, ask for people to review your business on both Google and Facebook to increase testimonials.
  24. Social Media Tip: Use high-quality photos with your posts! Pixelated photos give a bad impression.
  25. Social Media Tip: Utilize Facebook Pixels to track your conversions from ads, optimize ads based on collected data, build targeted audiences for future ads, and re-market to qualified leads!

    Social Media Tips with Aspen Grove Marketing in Fort Collins, CO

    Use GIFs!

  26. Social Media Tip: Use GIFs! These short videos loop on your social platforms and get great engagement.
  27. Social Media Tip: Go live and share stories on Instagram. Keep your followers in the loop on the day-to-day happenings at your organization!
  28. Social Media Tip: Engagement from your audience is awesome. Engagement from you is the key to growing this.  Respond to every comment and message in some way shape or form. Acknowledge your audience and engage with them.
  29. Social Media Tip: When advertising, take advantage of the ‘creepy’ power of these platforms and get detailed on your target audiences. Then pair with messages and imagery crafted just for that audience.
  30. Social Media Tip: Give your target audience content that is of value to them.  If it’s not valuable TO THEM, they will stop listening.
  31. Social Media Tip: Invite friends to “Like” Your page. Here’s a quick how-to.
  32. SEO Tip: Make sure each page and blog on your website has at least 300 relevant and well-written words.
  33. Social Media Tip: Take it seriously! Social media and the larger digital marketing arena has become very important in this day and age. Don’t neglect this important marketing channel.
  34. Email Tip: Occasionally include a link to your email newsletter sign-up in your posts to make it easier for customers to sign up.
  35. SEO Tip: Make sure to include an Alt Tag on each of your photos.
  36. Social Media Tip: When you get a new review or comment, at the very least your page/profile should Like it, but a comment response is best.
  37. Social Media Tip: Ask questions! Your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will love telling you what they think!
  38. Email Tip: Include social icons with links to your social profiles to increase followers!
  39. Social Media Tip: You can link a Facebook Group to your Page. Build community by giving your Fans a place to connect with your Page and each other!
  40. Social Media Tip: You can add relevant events to your page, even if you’re not the organizer! Want to add an existing Facebook event to your own Facebook page? Here’s how:
    1. Go to the event you would like to add to your page,
    2. Click the 3 dot button next to the ‘share’ button,
    3. Select ‘Add to Page’,
    4. Select the Facebook Page where you would like to add the event, and… VOILA!
  41. Social Media Tip: Try including your Instagram Hashtags in the first comment.  They will still be searchable but will make your message looks cleaner. That being said, we still like to include one or two in the main message if they are related to the event/business so they are visible and prominently displayed.
  42. Email Tip: Not sure how often to send emails?  You can always ask them how often they want to hear from you.
  43. Social Media Tip: When boosting on Facebook, you can now use images with more than 20% text. Facebook will no longer penalize you for having more text in your image but they do still maintain that images will less text perform better.  Check out this useful Text Overlay Tool from Facebook!
  44. Social Media Tip: Share more than just ‘serious’ content on your social profiles. Try memes, quotes, and jokes to break up the monotony once in a while.
  45. Social Media Tip: It’s ok to periodically drive your audience on your more successful platforms to like/follow your other platforms!  They may be on both and appreciate know that you are too.
  46. Social Media Tip: You can block different degrees of profanity from appearing on your Facebook Page. Learn how here.
  47. Social Media Tip: Snapchat can be a powerful tool for businesses. Organizing an event? Consider creating a Snapchat geofilter for folks to add to their Snaps!
  48. Social Media Tip: Less is more. You do not need to say everything all at once in every single post.  Break up your content and keep it simple.
  49. Social Media Tip: Create efficiencies in your work. Schedule your posts out. Spend a focused portion of your day once/week to create amazing content then schedule it out using a tool like Hootsuite. Have your notifications turned on so you can still be present but you do not have to babysit your social channels every day. Your content will be better and you will save SO much time.
  50. Social Media Tip: On Facebook, avoid using engagement bait. Phrases like “tag your friends” or “like this post to…” will automatically get your post demoted in your followers’ timelines.

We know social media marketing and digital marketing can be overwhelming, but it’s important. Utilize these social media tips and many of our other blogs to help you succeed online.

We would love to partner with you and your business to help you leverage this important marketing channel. Aspen Grove Marketing uses social media, blogs, and email marketing to help businesses of all sizes succeed and grow online through dedicated support and services. Ready to start connecting with your customers through Digital Marketing? Get in touch and we’ll help you create a strategy that utilizes our best social media tips and makes sense for your needs.