If you want to effectively manage your social media presence to get results for your business, it takes more than just posting.  Check out this blog post to learn a few steps that will take your social media to the next level.

Have you ever been to a trade show? Believe it or not, Social Media is much like a trade show.

What do you do when you go to a trade show?

  • Show up and set up your booth. Get your banners up and make sure you look presentable. Check.
  • Start putting out your candy bowl of messages (‘posts’ – follow me on this analogy here). Check.
  • Engage in conversation with those that stop by to check out your candy bowl of messages. Clearly.

*Now this is where it can get really valuable.*

  • Don’t just sit in your lonely corner booth and wait for people to potentially walk by.  Leave your booth! Go join other conversations. Find the influencers (cool kids) and make friends with them.

Picture your social media adventure as a real world interaction with real humans. This will bring out your authenticity and make your adventure more successful. If you are not a social human this bit will be a little more challenging.


More than just posting, eh? What more is there?

Here are a few steps to help you do more than just post so you can effectively manage your social media presence to get results for your business!


Step 1: Define your target audience in terms of ‘personas’. I cannot stress how important this is. Since you cannot hear the tone of my voice in this post I will say it again in a slightly different way. Define your target audience and understand who they are as people. Not just their age and location (demographics) but also their interests and values (psychographics). This will help you understand what they want to hear from you and where you can find them.

  • Spend time on this but don’t set it in stone.
  • Revisit and refine based on what you learn along your adventures.


Step 2: Identify places to go when leaving your booth.  This is when you put on your “real world interaction” brain. Be authentic. Nobody likes or trusts a faker.

  • Find those Influencers! These are the ‘cool kids’. The people that everyone else looks to to know what they should be wearing/thinking/eating etc … It’s like high school all over again. Do some searches, take notes, and make lists.
    • Who is vocal in your realm/industry?
    • Who are people following in your realm/industry?
  • Hashtags
    • Where are the relevant conversations? Oftentimes these are keywords related to your business/product/industry. Do some searches and pick a few to pay attention to and engage on.
    • Where is your target audience paying attention? Take a step away from your keywords and go back to your target audience personas. You may have a business that puts on athletic events but don’t get tunnel vision on that #HalfMarathon hashtag.  The people you are looking to attract and engage with may also be over at the #paleo hashtag. Check it out and determine if there are other places you should be present.
  • Other booths (other company pages/profiles)
    • If you are ‘leaving your booth’ to go find your target audience and you see they are all over at the Natural Grocers booth, it’s ok to go over there and join the conversation. Just make sure you do it in a way that will gain you acceptance into the group.
    • Don’t barge into Natural Grocers trying to sell your app. “Hey everyone! I know you are trying to buy produce or check out that cool new recipe right now but I have this really cool app that I think you are going to love!!”
      • NO! Don’t be THAT guy. Join the conversation in a tactful way.
      • *Please note* If you lack tact, find someone else to do this bit.


Step 3: What have you done and what did it do? Analytics are your friend.

  • First of all, did you ever define your goals? What are they? What is of value to you?
    • If it’s engagement – track that.  
    • Perhaps it is reach or conversions – track that. This isn’t rocket science; it’s Marketing coming full circle.
  • Each Social Media Platform has ‘Insights/Analytics’.  This is the place you can go to track which post got the most clicks or was seen by the most eyeballs and WAAAAAY more.
  • Whatever is getting you the results you are looking for – understand that and do more of it – sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this.


Step 4: ADS – Yahooooo!

Not Yahoo! Yahooooo! Social media platforms have spent the better part of the last 2 decades DATA MINING!  They know more about you than you want to realize.  As an individual this is incredibly creepy but as a marketer or business owner it is exciting, powerful, and invaluable. With social media advertising we have the ability to pair specific messages with images and then place those beautiful bundles of joy in front of the eyes of a particular group of people that will eat them up!


Step 5: Chunk your time!

Social media can be incredibly time consuming.  Going to test out ‘leaving your booth’? Great! Go ahead. But be careful you don’t leave your booth for 8 hours then wonder why you didn’t get the rest of the work done that you needed to that day. Create a system to manage your social media adventure efficiently and effectively.  If you begin to feel overwhelmed, just think of how you would go about eating an elephant… one bite at a time.

  • Set up a schedule.
  • Pick a day to create your posts and schedule them out. *Make sure your notifications are turned on so if someone does come by your booth to have a chat you can zip back over there and be present.
  • Pick another few days to ‘leave your booth’. Maybe MWF at 9am work best for you. Maybe you should also be leaving your booth in the afternoon on one- two days/week.  If you have 10 minutes great. if you have 30 even better. Block this time off and make it happen



Also know that we are always here to help you if you need a little extra one-on-one training to get yourself up and running or if you want to take this piece off your plate completely (and just about anything in between).

Feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments below.  Alternatively, you can shoot me an email at amy@aspengrovemarketing.com to inquire about our training and/or management services.