Realtors in Northern Colorado all know one thing: you must do everything in your power to connect with homebuyers, sellers, and to set yourself apart from your competitors. Aspen Grove Marketing has had the opportunity to work with many excellent realtors and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Use our top 8 Social Media for Realtors tips to help you meet your business goals, sell homes, connect with buyers, and ultimately grow your business.

Aspen Grove Marketing’s Top 8 Tips on Social Media for Realtors: 

  1. Get Social – We can’t tell you how many Realtors we run into that aren’t taking advantage of the amazing marketing opportunities that lie in social media. If you haven’t created a Facebook business page or LinkedIn account, consider doing so today!
  2. Make a Plan – Social media marketing and digital marketing are more than just posting. Create a plan and stick to it. Your plan should include elements such as your growth goals, advertising budget, number of times you plan to post each week, and what platforms you will incorporate.
  3. Pick and Choose – It’s more important to manage each platform well and effectively than to be on all of them. Choose the platforms that make most sense for your goals and implement your plan for each. Respect your bandwidth and make sure you’re able to effectively use every platform you sign up for. Most realtors in Northern Colorado have had great success with implementing Facebook and LinkedIn; a few have begun to venture into the land of Instagram and Twitter.
  4. Create GOOD Content – Now that you have social media accounts set up, be sure you’re posting interesting content. It’s not enough to simply paste a link to your listing in your status. Try using really great photos or create a slideshow with the home’s best shots. Post fun and informative links to articles, post news about the greater Fort Collins community and real estate market. Put yourself in the shoes of the fans and make sure you would want to read what you’re posting.
  5. Connect – Facebook and other social media platforms are designed to help businesses connect and engage with fans (or potential, past or present clients)… Use this to your advantage! Respond to comments, ask for feedback, comment on other your business partners’ pages, and overall, treat social media as an extension of you.
  6. Advertise – In general, social media marketing is a very powerful, cost-effective, and responsive tool for advertising. Use the built-in features to help you boost posts about your listings, advertise your real estate business, and grow your following.
  7. Define Your Audience – In Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms, you can create specific audiences that help you target your desired audience. Use these tools to smartly send advertisements to audiences that make sense and will help you reach your goals.
  8. Ask for help! – We know social media marketing can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re ready to start, but need help – please reach out! Aspen Grove Marketing in Fort Collins, CO offers everything from digital marketing consulting to management.

As you begin to think about social media for realtors, consider outsourcing your digital marketing and social media management. Not only will it make your life easier, it will help you sell more homes, connect with potential clients, and compete in this ever-changing and competitive real estate market. Aspen Grove Marketing uses social media, blogs, and email marketing to help realtors such as yourself succeed and grow online through dedicated support and services. Ready to start connecting with your customers through Digital Marketing? Get in touch with us and we’ll chat about how we can help you get there.