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Social Media Checklist

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What’s in the checklist?

Based on years of experience, we have prepared this simple, easy-to-follow checklist that serves as a guide to your social media management – ensuring your pages find the party and stand out on the social media dance floor. 


Daily engagement is key. We have broken down daunting tasks into strategic tactics you can do daily to ensure your account stays relevant. We show you how to join the social media party and start dancing!


It’s all about proper scheduling. Once your daily plan is set, you will schedule the week; creating time for daily engagement,  attending industry happenings, and monitoring ads to keep your pages growing.


Create your content calendar based on your goals and determine which tactics you’ll want to use. Analyze key performance indicators so you’re always improving those dance steps!

*TIP: Print the free social media checklist and hang it near your computer as a visual reminder of the social media tasks that should be performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to help you join the conversation and engage with your fans and partners.

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Your Digital Partner.

Aspen Grove Marketing is an experienced digital marketing agency in Northern Colorado with a relentless focus on helping your business create connections online. Business is still relational – and we’re in the business of helping you build relationships, foster connections, and engage with your fans online. 

Need help managing your digital marketing or have questions about something specific? Contact us to set up a social media consultation to get your questions answered and get the help you need to leverage your digital marketing channels to their full potential.

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