As we discussed in our blog titled, “Nextdoor: Part 1,” Nextdoor is a private social media platform used by neighbors and communities for ideas, recommendations, nearby events, and pertinent information. It is designed to bring communities together and to create an open and communicative environment. Users feel safe using this private network for connecting with community services and local businesses, which is why it’s more important than ever to set up a Nextdoor business page!

Nextdoor recently added the “claim your business page” feature, which is essentially a business page. By claiming your business, you can control the information about your company and your hours, create responses to comments, and more. This is one of many social media platforms that small businesses can use to leverage their brand in a way that will increase engagement and awareness!

Setting up your Nextdoor business page is fairly easy, and we’re here to give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it. You can either start fresh or link your business page to your personal profile to manage it from there. Either way, you’ll need to follow these three quick steps to get your Nextdoor business page created and verified:

Step 1: Search for your business or create a local page on Nextdoorset up a Nextdoor business pageStart off by searching for your business’s page. If it shows up, that means people have already recommended it, or you’ve already created a local page. From here, click the “claim” button. If your business does not show up, click on “Create your business page.”set up a Nextdoor business pageStep 2: Set Up Your Page

Regardless of whether you had to claim your existing page or create a new one, it’s now time to set up a Nextdoor business page. Fill out the information in the fields for business name, phone number, email address, physical address, and what type of business you are.set up a Nextdoor business page

Step 3: Get Started Building Your Profile!

You’ll receive an email that looks like this:set up a Nextdoor business page

Go ahead and add your profile image and update any info, such as: your contact information, hours, and a brief description of your business. If you don’t have any recommendations yet, you need to get at least one in order to reply to neighbors’ comments. We recommend reaching out to a client who has been with you for years, or a frequent customer, to log in and recommend your place.

Congratulations, your business is now verified on Nextdoor! Now that you have set up a Nextdoor business page, you can start using it to see recommendations and comments that users share with your page. You’ll also now be able to see the number of neighborhood pages that your business is listed on, users’ information, and how many people have recommended your products or services. Being a part of Nextdoor can also help your business grow and expose your brand to people who live near your company.

If you have questions or are overwhelmed with social media and digital marketing, be sure to contact us today. We’re always here to help with your social media marketing adventure, no matter what stage your business is in!