Have you ever heard of Nextdoor? If you haven’t, it’s time to dive in. With over 150,000 neighborhoods worldwide, Nextdoor is the social network for neighbors to connect and build an online community. Users can easily buy and sell items, exchange tips, and most importantly for your company, rate and review neighborhood businesses. This platform has evolved through the last seven years and now includes local business listings and reviews from users, which is why your company should consider being a part of the neighborhood movement that is Nextdoor for business.

Lots and Lots of Users
Anyone can become a Nextdoor user, much like Facebook and other social media platforms. Just two years ago, The Verge reported that there were over 10 billion individual users on Nextdoor spread across 100,000 neighborhoods. Now in 2018, Nextdoor reports that over 150,000 neighborhoods use the platform. Considering these numbers, chances are good that there are thousands of Nextdoor users in and around your business’s neighborhood. There are a lot of friendly neighborhood folks who can’t wait to recommend your business to other neighbors. And, there’s a good chance that your competition is using Nextdoor for business – all the more reason to start using it today!

Trust Thy Neighbor
If you think Nextdoor is just a platform for people to complain about their neighbors, think again. Unlike other social media platforms, Nextdoor is most commonly used when people need something. It is a useful tool for people in close proximity to share ideas, thoughts, and pertinent information. Did you lose or find a dog? Need a recommendation for yard work or an accountant? Having a garage sale? Nextdoor can help people with any and all of these things quickly and easily!

What sets it apart, and why people love it, is that users are held a bit more accountable for their actions on the platform since their address is associated with their account. Users also relish in the fact that they are interacting with the people they live near, which is what helps makes a community stronger. Nextdoor boasts that this platform helps to “build happier, safer places to call home.”

The best part about this platform is that people generally take advice from their neighbors, the people they know and trust, much more seriously than a review from a stranger on Yelp or Google. Think about it from your own perspective: when a neighbor tells you that they got a great deal on insurance from John Smith up the street, you are likely going to reconsider your current insurance agency and go check out Smith’s offerings. This is why you should claim your Nextdoor business page!

Claim Your Business Page
Claiming your business page on Nextdoor not only ensures your credibility, it also allows you to have more control over the accuracy of the information displayed about your company. You can also interact with users through direct messages and comments, which is important for engaging with people and replying to reviews.

Get People Talking
Using Nextdoor for business is yet another way to start the conversation about your company and to get more reviews. It’s as easy as one tap on a heart icon for users to recommend your establishment. Each business has a heart icon displayed next to the name. In a list, like the one below, users can see how many neighbors have recommended each business.Nextdoor for BusinessOnce a user clicks on the heart icon, conveying that they love that business, they are prompted to write something about it. Users can opt out of writing a review, but this is an easy way for people to rate and review your business. Nextdoor for business makes recommending easy, with a heart icon at the bottom of the screen to lead users straight to the ‘recommendations’ section of the app.

We’re Here to Help
While being on Nextdoor might seem like a no-brainer, we totally understand the fear of managing yet another social media platform. The good news? We’re here to help! Aspen Grove Marketing is well versed in social media marketing, and we’re here to help your business connect and engage with customers where they are – like Nextdoor! Get started with Nextdoor and don’t hesitate to contact us for help with Nextdoor for business or any of your other digital marketing needs!