Have you ever noticed that clickable links don’t work on Instagram posts? We see it happen all the time – someone creates a post with a link (such as a sign up page for your email newsletters), publishes it, and the link doesn’t convert into a clickable link. People would have to copy and paste the link into their browser to access it, and you know no one is going to take the time to do that. That’s why we’re here to tell you all about a convenient and free tool, Linktree for business Instagram accounts.

If you don’t use Linktree, Instagram’s setup can be frustrating for business owners. One of our main goals is to drive traffic, and Instagram makes it a bit harder to do so when compared to other platforms. The good news? Instagram allows personal and business profiles alike to have one clickable link located in the bio section of their profile, and we’re going to teach you to leverage this section to its fullest potential.

To preface our highlight on Linktree for business Instagram accounts, we should mention something you should know about Instagram links: links do work on Instagram with paid advertising, which is always an option for some posts. But chances are, not all of your posts will be promoted.

If you’re the kind of person who is on top of your stuff, changing the link in your bio corresponding to each individual post is an option. For example, say you’re a blogger and you want to share your new blog posts whenever you publish them, maybe once a week. So, for you, changing that link once a week isn’t a big deal.

But, if you’re a small business owner who has a million things to juggle at once, continuing to change the link each week isn’t a good use of your time or energy. It takes too much time and effort to constantly have to change the link in your bio each time you post something correlating to a specific URL. That’s why we recommend using Linktree for business Instagram accounts, a free option for people who want to set up a few links for their followers to access.  Linktree makes a menu of links from one clickable link in your bio.

Linktree is convenient and easy to set up! Follow these steps to do so now:

Step 1: Make sure you’re logged into the Instagram account you want Linktree connected to. This will ensure that Linktree will link up properly with your business’s Instagram account.

Step 2: Head over to Linktree. Click “Sign Up With Instagram.”

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

Step 3: Authorize Linktree to access your basic information. Click “Authorize.”

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

Step 4: Select a plan. This is where you can choose to use Linktree for free or for six dollars per month depending on the options you would like to have.

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

The free plan includes basic functions like unlimited links on your Linktree and insights on links clicked.

Step 5: Give Linktree your contact information. This way they can get a hold of you for any upcoming news, information about Linktree, and more.

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

Step 6: Set up your Linktree! Now, here’s where the fun begins! Since Linktree for business Instagram accounts allows you to have unlimited links, you could potentially put a link for every single page from your website. We recommend using the links that you want people to use the most, and links that are the most important to your audience. Try including links for your email signup page, contact page, your website home page, most recent blogs you’ve posted, and events coming up in the community that you may want to talk about.

This is what it will look like when you set up your Linktree from the back end:

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

The cool part about this is that you can dictate whatever you want in the text box. This is a great way to quickly and succinctly show off your brand’s voice. You can also change the colors of the links to a few pre-chosen options for the free version, or to match your brand or logo for the paid version.

Step 7: Copy the Linktree URL into your Instagram bio. This is the last step that will give you the freedom to have as many links connected to your Instagram profile as you want!

First, copy the URL from the Linktree website:

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

Then go to your Instagram profile. Click “Edit Profile.”

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

Now, copy the Linktree URL into the website box:

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

And your Linktree URL will show up in your Instagram bio!

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

You’re all set! The best part is that you won’t ever have to link the URL into your Instagram bio again. Each time you log in to Linktree, it will remember you (as long as you’re logged in to your business’s Instagram profile). From the home page, you can edit your links as often or as rarely as you want, and your Linktree will automatically be updated.

Here is what your Linktree will look like to your followers on a desktop:

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

And here is what your Linktree will look like to your followers on a mobile phone:

Linktree for business Instagram accounts

Linktree for business Instagram accounts is an awesome way to keep your followers engaged and to give them information that’s readily available. It’s important to provide easy access to important things about your business, like your website and your blogs. Linktree keeps your links organized in a fun and simple fashion.

If you need help setting up your Instagram Business Profile, read our blog about it here.

Wondering whether or not you should use Linktree, or perhaps you’re still confused on how to use it? Contact us today! At Aspen Grove Marketing, we’re here to help you get the most out of your social media platforms and to leverage the strength of social media for businesses and your audience.