Nextdoor is one of the newest up-and-coming social media platforms and is found in over 150,000 neighborhoods worldwide. With over 75 percent of neighborhoods in the United States registered, there’s never been a better time to use Nextdoor for your small business! We’re here to teach you how to use Nextdoor for business in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Using Nextdoor for business can help generate leads, increase sales, and improve brand awareness among your target audiences. If you’ve finished claiming your business profile on Nextdoor and are wondering where to go from here, try out these five tips on how to use Nextdoor for business efficiently:

Tip 1: Complete Your Business Profile Bio

It’s important for your followers to have a good idea of what your business does and what services or products you offer. If your profile bio is incomplete and lacks details like your phone number or hours, it will take potential customers an extra step to find your information, meaning you might lose the business. Even if you already think you have finished setting up your profile, go back and re-read your bio to confirm that all the important details you want people to know about your business are there. Keep in mind the language you’re using, so that you can establish your brand voice in your Nextdoor business profile bio – this will give people a sense of who the people are behind your business.

Tip 2: Save The Unsolicited Info for Other Platforms

We advise not to share unsolicited posts regarding your business on Nextdoor in the newsfeed from your personal Nextdoor profile. Nextdoor aims to keep spam out of everyone’s newsfeed. If you start posting about your business on your personal profile, your neighbors could be turned off and report you to Nextdoor. The last thing you want while using Nextdoor for business is to have your page suspended. We recommend sharing information about partner businesses or commenting on other neighbors’ posts and recommendations in regards to what your business can offer!

Tip 3: Be Transparent About Who You Are

This one goes hand in hand with the last tip. Since honesty is the best policy, hopefully in all parts of your life, including online, neighbors want to know if or how the person recommending a business is affiliated with it. That’s why it’s always a good idea to disclose your relationship to a business on Nextdoor. You can start by adding your business name to your personal profile, automatically associating yourself with your business. Being transparent about who you are will help when making recommendations, creating a classified ad, or scheduling an event.

how to use Nextdoor for business

Tip 4: Utilize the Events Calendar

Posting events that your business will be hosting to the events calendar will help neighbors keep track of local activities and happenings. You can only use your desktop to share an event to the calendar for neighbors to see. An important reason to stick to the events calendar vs. posting: it’s against Nextdoor’s guidelines to post commercial events in the newsfeed. Be sure to read the rules and regulations so you’re clear on how to share an event.

Tip 5: Recommend Your Business

When your neighbors request recommendations for the best business for a service that you offer, it is completely acceptable to recommend your business, given that you are transparent about your relationship with it. Since Nextdoor business advertising is not quite ready for most businesses yet, you are permitted to promote your business when neighbors are seeking something you offer, as long as you clearly state your affiliation.

If you’ve been wondering how to use Nextdoor for business efficiently, use these tips as you embark on this viable platform. Living a locally driven lifestyle is not only popular, it’s also conducive to owning a successful small business – and Nextdoor is a direct result of that. Using Nextdoor for business can help your small company drive leads and increase sales throughout your region.

We hope you’ve found our three-part series on Nextdoor to be useful and beneficial. Did you miss the first two? Read Nextdoor: Part 1 and Nextdoor: Part 2 right now! If you’re left perplexed by how to use Nextdoor for business, please contact us. Aspen Grove Marketing employs some of the best marketing experts in Fort Collins, and we’re here to help your business thrive in the realm of digital marketing, social media, and more!