If you sell a product and you’re on Facebook, then definitely check out the new Facebook Shop feature. This recent addition to your social media advertising arsenal allows you to add a virtual shop to your business page that lets customers buy your product directly from your Facebook page. One more way to get your product in front of buyers.

This is a new’ish feature that Facebook is currently testing so it may not be available to everyone, but it’s worth a look. To see if you have access to a Facebook shop, head over to your business page and see if there’s an ‘Add Shop’ section underneath your cover photo. If so, you’re in business.

Here’s what you need to do to get your shop up and running:

Click the ‘Add Shop’ button where you will be directed to agree to merchant terms and policies

fb_shop_screenshot_1You will next enter your business details including business email address, physical address and payment processing. Facebook Shop allows you to choose from two payment processors, Stripe or Paypal. Whichever payment processor you choose, it will ask you for your existing account info or direct you to set up a new account. In addition, Facebook doesn’t charge a fee or percentage on purchases from your store but you will pay standard Paypal and Stripe fees, both charge 2.9% of the price of the sold item + 30 cents per successful charge.

Once you’ve done this, your call to action button changes to a Shop Now button, which easily takes visitors to your Shop.

To finish setting up your shop  you will need to describe your shop in under 200 characters and add products. Click the ‘Add Products’ button where it will ask you a number of questions including name, price (where you can also indicate if it’s on sale), description, how many you have in inventory, variants (such as sizes), and shipping options. You also have the ability to add photos of your products. Facebook requires one image for each product.

You can add as many products as you like and also create collections. Collections are helpful for organizing a variety of different products.

Once you submit all of this info, Facebook will review your product based on their merchant terms and policies. Once approved, you’ll be up and ready for business!

For more information you can access the Facebook Help section here or call us and we’ll be happy to help get you setup and ready to boost your Facebook ROI with Facebook Shop.