If you’re a business owner, a social media manager, or someone in between and are looking to grow your LinkedIn page, inviting connections to like your page is a great way to grow your following.

In this blog, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to invite connections to like your LinkedIn page and increase the number of people who follow your page.


Step 1: Access your page’s Super or Content Admin view

Click on your “Me” drop-down menu in the top toolbar. This will bring down all of the options for visiting your personal LinkedIn profile where you will access your page as a Super or Content Admin. 

Click on the page you would like to manage. You will then be taken to your company’s LinkedIn page.

Step 2: Click the Admin Tools dropdown at the top of the page and select “Invite connections”

Step 3: Select connections from the populated list or search for specific people by using the “Search by name” field

The list of connections will be people that you have connected with on your personal LinkedIn profile, as well as your connections’ connections! Click the box next to each person you want to invite to like your company’s page. Connections who have been successfully invited or those who are already following your page will be automatically filtered out.

Step 4: Click “Invite connections”!

Your connections will receive an invitation notification. 

Pro tips from a digital marketing agency

You might have noticed that for Aspen Grove Marketing, there are 100/100 credits available. Each month, a company is given a certain amount of credits to use to invite people to like their page. These credits are for the entire company, not just one individual admin of the page.

Sending each invitation requires one credit. These credits don’t roll over month to month but are refilled every month. Also, when an invite is accepted, the credit is returned for that month. Because of that, it’s best to try to invite users who are more likely to like your page so you continue to earn your credits back for that month! 

If you have a LinkedIn page with less than 100,000 followers, you can invite members to follow via the “Invite Connections To Follow” module on the right side of your page. However, the module won’t display if an admin has closed it or there are less than three connections left to invite.

Have fun inviting your connections!

We hope you have a great time inviting your connections to like your company page. As a digital marketing agency, we have the secrets to growing your followers across all platforms. 

Have questions or interest in working with us? Drop us a line. We would love to partner with you!