Want to grow your Facebook Page?

Sometimes, people who do not currently like your page will come across one of your posts and like it.  Now you have the opportunity to invite them to like your page!


Here’s how to invite your ‘post likers’ to your Facebook Page:

Step 1: Go to your page and scroll to the latest and greatest post.

Step 2: Click on the list of names of people who have reacted to that post.

Step 3: A window will pop up with a list of everyone who reacted to that post. In this list, you will see who has already liked your page (Liked) and those who may not have been invited yet or heard about your page.  Simply click on the ‘invite’ button to the right of their name and Facebook will send them a nice little notification inviting them to like your page.

*Note* If you are friends with this person, Facebook will tell them that you personally have invited them to like your page, ex. “Amy Alcorn has invited you to like her page Aspen Grove Marketing”.  If you are not friends with them, Facebook will tell them that “Page XYZ has invited you to like their page”.  So your personal profile is safe from strangers yet again.

Easy Peasy. Get after it!

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