In terms of Facebook, there are “Profiles” and “Pages”.  What is the difference between the two and why does it matter you ask? Read on and we will walk you through it highlighting some of the major differences.

Profiles are for people and Pages are for businesses.  Sounds simple enough right?

blank_male_avatar facebookFacebook profiles are for individuals like you and me.  You can connect with friends, share photos, join groups, etc.  As an individual, you may care more about your privacy and who you share your personal information with.  This is why profiles require that you accept/extend a friend request before you are connected to another individual. Profiles have an extensive array of features to protect every piece of your information and help you differentiate what you share with whom.  If you want to create a list of your co-workers that will only see certain pieces of info you post, you can.  You can also have another list for your family that you allow to see all your updates and photos.  Perhaps you want to post some photos of that day you called in sick and really went to the breweries with friends; you can exclude just your boss or the entire list of your co-workers from seeing that particular album on your profile.  The possibilities are endless.  Profiles have the functionality that suits individuals.


Sounds pretty functional.  Why is it ‘bad’ to have a business set up as a Profile?

Well, first off it is against Facebook Policy and if they come across a profile that is setup to represent a business, they can and will shut it down. No warning necessary.

And the list goes on –

  • With a profile, those who want to connect with you must first wait for you to respond to their friend request.
  • One of the ‘biggies’ that every business should care about is that with a profile, you cannot see your insights (analytics, stats).  You don’t know how many people are coming to your profile every day or how far your posts are reaching.  With a proper business Page, you can.


facebooke pages logoFacebook Pages
are for Businesses, Places, Organizations, Non-Profits, Companies, Brands, and Bands.  Pages can be viewed by the public including people who do not have a facebook account.

They are well suited for businesses because:

  • They can easily be maintained by multiple people on your team by simply adding additional admins.
  • You can view your insights to understand who your fans are, which posts are the most viral, how far your message reach, and much more.
  • If your business is international or multilingual, you can target your posts by language and country.
  • Pages can be promoted with Facebook Ads

If you prefer tables, here you go.

  Profiles Pages
To create a Connection Friend Request must be extended and accepted Click the ‘like’ button
Privacy You can protect everything from anyone. Possibilities are endless. Everything posted is public
Posting on the walls of others Can post on your friend’s profile wall and a business page wall Can post on other page’s walls but not an individual’s profile
Number of connections allowed 5,000 friends but unlimited ‘subscribers’* Unlimited
Insights/analytics/stats No Yes
Customization The main photo on the top of the profiles = Cover Image Yes
Multiple Administrators No (unless using the same login) Yes, easily
Create events? Yes Yes
Join a group Yes No

So, how do you know if you have a profile or a page for your business?  Simple, go to your account’s wall as if you were going to type in a post.  Look under your main picture on the left-hand side.  If you see a button with the word ‘like’ below it, you have a Page.

If you see a listing of ‘friends’, you have a personal profile.   But there is hope; Facebook now offers a way to convert your profile into a page.  It will only convert your profile pictures and your connections, and nothing else but it is better than leaving your business as a profile.  We recommend you download your information before you convert.  There are more details and instructions here on how to do that here.

Then convert your Profile to a Page.  Click here.

If you have any additional questions along the way let me know.

~Amy Alcorn
Marketing Director
Aspen Grove Marketing

*A personal profile can be ‘opened up’ so that others, including non-friends, can ‘subscribe’ to their public posts.  This is a great feature for public figures that essentially are their business.  This feature can also be turned off so that nobody can subscribe to your public updates and only your friends will receive them.