With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide, making it one of the top platforms to use for your online advertising. Ads on this platform are affordable and can have high returns. 

As a Facebook marketing agency, we have years of experience setting up Facebook advertising campaigns. Here are some of our favorite Facebook advertising hacks, tricks, and tips!

The Facebook advertising funnel

We’re going to look at the Facebook advertising funnel and why it’s important when creating advertisements for your business.

Facebook advertising

The Facebook funnel consists of three main stages: awareness, consideration, and conversions. Under each stage are two possibilities for who your target audience could be. If you can identify where your target audience is on the funnel, you can identify the types of ads and calls to action you want to create in order to move your audience farther into the funnel. Let’s look at the stages and audiences more in depth.


This stage is crucial for growing your audience! The awareness stage is where future clients or prospects are at. 

The audience in this stage is made up of prospective customers who either don’t know you exist yet, or they have heard about you but don’t yet care about your brand. In the awareness stage, the most important metrics to track are impressions (the number of times your content is shown to users on the platform), reach (the number of users who saw your content), engagement (the number of users that interacts with your content), shares (the number of times your content is sent to someone else or re-posted), and clicks (the number of times users click on your post). The more you have of these, the more opportunities there are for people to see your brand’s name and content in the online world. With a goal of brand awareness, we recommend running ads such as platform growth and reach/engagement.


Consideration is where the prospect has heard about your brand and is somewhat interested in you, but they’re still likely to continue visiting your competitors instead of you. So, how do you get them to convert to your business? It can be tricky, but here’s how!

The first thing to do is know what your clients or prospects are looking for AND know what types of pain points you can help them solve. Maybe your business is located in a busy, urban area and you have a drive-thru coffee shop that could improve their coffee purchasing experience. Tell them how coming to your coffee shop will save them time and stress! Or maybe your audience has special dietary restrictions and they’re looking for a place that adheres to their diet amidst a sea of restaurants that typically don’t. Knowing your audience and what they like, want, and need is very important!

Your content should be meatier in this stage and include reviews and testimonials, special offers, and reminders about who you are as a brand. Boosted posts and website traffic ads are great ways to increase consideration of potential customers.


The final stage of the Facebook advertising funnel is conversions. When a lead has been hanging out in the consideration stage for a while and is ready to make a purchase, or for someone who has already purchased and is a happy customer, we like to have specific offers and content catered to this audience. This could be someone who makes a purchase on your website and then receives another offer for a future purchase. Someone who bought once is likely to buy again!


Every advertisement you make should have an intended goal. Having different goals for your growing business is great, but there should always be at least one advertisement for each one of your audiences.