If you’ve been looking for a sign about email marketing, this is it! Email marketing is still an incredibly cost-effective and efficient way to connect with your clients and drive traffic to your store, website, or brand. If you’re on the fence about adding email marketing to your comprehensive digital marketing plan, we strongly encourage it.

Aspen Grove Marketing has had the pleasure of working with clients of all sizes in a huge variety of industries. Across the board, when email marketing is done right, it is a valuable piece of the digital marketing pie. Here’s why:

  1. Targeted Messaging – Email marketing has the amazing capability of segmenting your list. This means you can send specific emails to specific groups of people based on characteristics, likes, dislikes, or things you choose, such as location, shopping history, or open rate. By customizing your email marketing plan and giving people what they want to see, when they want to see it, your targeted emails will be much more successful than simply blindly mass emailing your entire list.

  2. Cost Effective – Compared to traditional print marketing, email marketing is incredibly cost effective. Many email service providers, including our favorite — MailChimp — allows you to send a good number of FREE emails every month. If your email list exceeds their limit, it’s still very inexpensive per email address to send.

  3. Easy to Integrate – Email service providers have made email creation very easy and user-friendly. It’s now easier than ever to integrate and implement email marketing into your larger marketing plan.

  4. Driver of Traffic – By sending emails, you can easily drive traffic to your website, business, and social media channels by including links and information about your location. Email has proven to be a huge traffic driver and is a good way to announce sales and specials or send coupons to subscribers.

  5. GREAT Way to Connect with Clients – We as a society have been groomed to understand email. We inherently know what to do with an email, and we’re all conditioned to check our email regularly. Email is a smart avenue to help connect with clients, remind them of your business or service, and build your brand awareness.

  6. Huge Audiences – According to a recent study, 3.7 BILLION people use email – that’s over half the world’s total population and it’s as high as 90% in America. If you want to hit your customers where they are – send them emails.

  7. Mobile Friendly – Last but certainly not least, email has become increasingly mobile friendly. You can now design emails that display well on phones and desktops to reach people in an instant, as they are all able to check emails on their phones, likely kept in their pockets!

Email marketing is here to stay. If your business, restaurant, or store is not already marketing via email, it’s time you consider it. If you’re ready to maximize your marketing plans by adding in email marketing, please contact one of the best Fort Collins digital marketing agencies, Aspen Grove Marketing. We have helped businesses big and small with everything from highly segmented emails to growing email lists and more. We’d love to do the same for your business!