Aspen Grove Marketing is here to give you the tools you need to successfully harness the power of digital marketing for your small business. One of the many services we offer is to help you determine how to best use your social channels, website, and advertising opportunities to meet your objectives for your business.

With our digital marketing strategy services, we will provide you with a custom digital marketing strategy toolkit that will provide your business a detailed plan that will outline a fully customized digital marketing plan based on your business’s goals and target audiences. 

With a custom Digital Marketing Strategy from Aspen Grove Marketing, you can expect to see the following pieces in your toolkit. Below we will explain what each of them are designed to do for you: 


Content Strategy

The Content Strategy document is designed to help you determine what you should be posting and how frequently to post to help you meet your goals and objectives for digital marketing. This document will be customized for each client based on your unique goals and audiences. 

This document will be comprised of different categories of content buckets that are made up of many smaller types of individualized content pieces. Each of these secondary content pieces can be thought of as individual posts.

The frequency noted will represent the number of times we suggest you include a post on your social media channels about each of the content types per week or month (or as available for some of the kinds of content).

We do this exercise in order to ensure that you are posting a wide range of content to meet all your goals and keep your audience engaged. This document should be used to guide your content planning. As you sit down to write content for the week or the month, first start by building in blocks that represent each type of content for that time period. Make sure that you are including posts from each bucket.

Once you have planned the types of posts you will be writing based on each category, it’s easier to fill them in. This document can be tweaked over time and changed as your business evolvs, but it should be continued to be used as a guide for your social media content.

Advertising Strategy

The Ad Plan is our recommendation as to how to use social media advertising to reach your digital goals. Considering these goals, the Ad Plan will outline our budget recommendations, help you determine your target audience(s), develop the ad language, and identify the most effective advertising types to help you reach these goals. 

This plan breaks down each component of digital advertising, including:

  • Goals and Desired Customers – We will first work with you to understand your digital marketing and advertising goals to ensure that our ad plan will be designed in a way that will meet these goals. We will also take into account your current audience and desired audience to help us build advertising plans and demographic criteria that will reach your target audience.
  • Platforms – Depending on your goals and audience, we will determine which digital marketing platforms will work best. Platforms may include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google-based ads. We will suggest how much of your total budget should be spent on each.
  • Ad Objectives – Each ad platform offers many different types of ads that all have a different objective. Depending on your specific goals, we will lay out which kinds of ads will help you best meet these goals. Ad objectives may be website traffic, platform growth, increased reach, and so forth.
  • Audience – Based on your location, goals, budget, and desired audience, we will create an audience profile that will be most likely to meet the objectives we’ve laid out for your ads. Each platform allows for different audience inclusions, and depending on the platforms we suggest using, we will tailor your audiences as such.
  • Ad Types – Furthermore, based on the platform and ad objectives, there are many different kinds of ads we can set up. We will help determine the best ad type and create a plan to utilize the best ad types. The ad types may include options such as video ads, carousel ads, boosted posts, and more.
  • Ad Language – We will create ad language options based on the allowances of the ad types we choose. This language will be specifically written to help you meet your goals for your ads. The language we use will follow the character limits and restrictions set in place for ads for each platform we suggest advertising on.
  • Ad Images or Videos – And finally, we will help you determine the best imagery or videos for your ads.
SEO Strategy Pieces

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy
In addition to social media content, your package will include basic SEO strategy pieces, including Keyword Research, your Blog Calendar, and an SEO writing guideline. Each of these pieces will work together to inform the content on your blog and website to ensure that you are using the most common and most effective phrases on your website to attract organic search traffic. 

Keyword Research
In the Keyword Research sheet, the Aspen Grove Marketing team will do the necessary research to determine which keywords related to your business are most commonly used, as well as which keywords have the least competition from other websites with similar services or keywords. This document will sort and prioritize the keywords that have the unique combination of having high search traffic and the lowest competition. The rows at the top of this document explain each metric and how they work together to inform the priority keywords. 

Blog Calendar
The keywords are then used to create a suggested Blog Calendar. Each blog topic will be based around a keyword that we’ve determined will be worthwhile to focus on. This keyword will appear in the blog title and should be used as your focus keyword for the blog or webpage. If applicable, secondary keywords will also be listed for each blog. In the notes section, we may include direction or further explanation for the suggested blog content.

SEO Guidelines
And finally, this piece will include a blog-writing guideline sheet in the last tab of the document. This list will outline where and how each keyword should be used in the content to ensure that it meets the requirements for an optimized blog or webpage.

Email Marketing Strategy

Your package will also include an Email Marketing Strategy calendar. Email marketing is still an important part of marketing plans, and this piece outlines our suggestions for successfully implementing email marketing into your marketing work.

Based on research about your audience and your overall marketing goals, we will develop your email marketing strategy calendar. This document will be designed to help you use email marketing to further your goals and meet your digital marketing objectives. It will also make the email creation easier as we will lay out all of the topic blocks for you.

We will develop a topic theme for each email that will be outlined in the subject line column. From there,  we will also outline each section we feel should be included in the body text of your emails. This typically will include an introduction, primary content, secondary content, links to relevant blogs, and finally, a call to action at the end. With this information, it should be fairly easy to build a regular email newsletter that covers each suggested section.

Each row will represent one email. You can fill in the date column based on how frequently you plan to email your audience. We suggest sending an email to your list of contacts monthly to start. 

There are many email service providers available to help you create your emails and manage your email list. We prefer using MailChimp, but Constant Contact, SendinBlue, and others will also work. In each platform, you can create one standard email template that can be updated for each email, with the content outlined by the AGM team. These templates should have your logo at the top, as well as built-in sections for the kinds of content we suggest.

If you would like a custom digital marketing strategy toolkit for your business, please reach out to us for more information.  

As always, the Aspen Grove Marketing team is here to help you reach your audience and meet your digital marketing goals. In addition to a creating an individualized digital marketing strategy toolkit, we also offer full-service digital marketing services. 

Please check out our blog for many how-tos and social media-related ideas. If you want to learn more about digital marketing practices, please also consider our Social Media Marketing Guide