We frequently get asked, “Does my business need a digital marketing plan?” The short answer is, yes!

We’ve been thinking about digital marketing plans for years and have come to wholeheartedly believe, every business — big and small — needs to take digital marketing seriously and create an effective digital marketing plan that makes sense for your business. For the long answer, we have found businesses without a plan are more at risk to miss digital marketing opportunities and may have an incomplete, and often unsuccessful, return on investment for their digital marketing efforts without a formal and well-developed plan.  

Like it or not, digital marketing is here to stay. Your customers are spending considerable time online, and your competitors are likely already there connecting with potential customers. If you aren’t, it’s time to take full advantage of the benefits of digital marketing and treat the online world as the viable marketing avenue it really is.

If you’re not convinced, here are our top reasons why your business should consider creating a digital marketing strategy:

  • Provides Focus – In the online world of memes, GIFs, and more content than you could ever read, it’s easy to get lost and forget what you opened your browser for. By creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, your business can truly hone in on what’s important, where your customers are, and what you realistically have time to manage. A digital marketing strategy will help you determine how best to spend your time and budget so you don’t lose focus or get overwhelmed and can make the most of your online marketing.
  • Streamlines Efforts – With digital marketing especially, it can be easy to get too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. Having a digital marketing plan with outlined tasks and responsible parties will keep duplicated efforts at bay and streamline your digital marketing efforts.
  • Prevents Missed Opportunities – By creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, you will go through the exercise of looking at all available avenues and study where your customers prefer to be. In doing so, you’ll reduce the chances of missing marketing opportunities and create a strategy for positively connecting with your audience.
  • Encourages Accountability – We talk about this a lot, but it’s true: digital marketing is often one of the first things to fall by the wayside as businesses get busy and other priorities creep up unless there is a point person for each task and an outlined plan for completing digital marketing tasks. Your digital marketing plan will encourage accountability by detailing exactly what marketing activities will happen when and who is responsible for executing them.
  • Keeps You on Budget – Without a formal plan, it’s easy to lose track of how much money your business has spent in online marketing. By creating a plan, you can outline realistic budget goals and put controls in place to help you not only stay on budget, but also make smart, analytics-based decisions about your marketing dollars.
  • Denotes Its Importance – Last but certainly not least, by taking the time to think through and create a digital marketing strategy for your business, you will be announcing to the company and your colleagues the importance of digital marketing. Anything put in writing carries more weight than ideas or lofty goals; writing it down and giving importance to the topic will automatically give it more weight and help your digital marketing plan be realized.

Creating and, furthermore, executing a digital marketing strategy can be a bit overwhelming. If your business could use a hand in creating an effective digital marketing plan or carrying out your existing plan, Aspen Grove Marketing is here to help. We’re your Colorado digital marketing experts and we’re ready to partner with your business to take your digital marketing to the next level. We’ll help you meet your clients where they are, in the digital landscape, and drive more traffic, engagement, awareness, and ultimately boost sales for your business. Contact us today to learn more.