Organic soil supplements to enhance plant growth and minimize environmental impact.

Growcentia is a Northern Colorado-based company manufacturing organic biostimulants for use on plants and crops. Growcentia has relied on the influence of their sub-brand, Mammoth Microbes, to tap into the revolutionary cannabis industry. Their primary product, Mammoth P®, is a university-tested patent-pending microbial biostimulant created by PhD soil scientists that naturally elevates phosphorus and micronutrient availability to support healthy, vigorous plant growth.




The PhD soil scientists at Growcentia believe in creating sustainable, environmentally responsible products for growers in every corner of the world. Aspen Grove Marketing has played a key role in creating and dispersing information about the benefits of using beneficial bacteria on soil as well as hydroponic grow systems.

Aspen Grove Marketing and Growcentia began working together in August 2015 to grow brand awareness for their primary product, Mammoth P. Beginning with the establishment of their social media pages, Aspen Grove Marketing has executed consistent growth in both reach of messaging (142,000 average monthly reach) and engagement of followers (12,800 average monthly engagements). We partner with Growcentia on all digital marketing avenues including: social media, email newsletters to retailers and growers, online advertising, and various graphic content creation.

In the years that we’ve worked together, Aspen Grove Marketing has successfully implemented campaign strategies and dramatically grown their following on all social channels. Successful campaigns include utilizing promotional giveaways to drive testimonial submissions as well as photo and video contests to drive engagement. These strategies not only align with the goals of the Growcentia team, but also are an incredible motivator for their target audiences.

Aspen Grove Marketing continually looks for opportunities to build brand awareness and engagement with their fanbase. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Growcentia and helping them target their audience for maximum reach and impact. commitment to environmentally sustainable products is something we support and are proud to be a part of.

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