Facebook has recently launched Timeline for Pages.  It is a similar layout to the Timeline we now see on all our personal profiles but the functionality is just perfect for businesses.  You can either choose to embrace the changes now, or wait until March 30, 2012 when Facebook will automatically switch every Page to the new Timeline.

Change can be scary sometimes so here is a brief overview of the changes to hopefully get you excited about Timeline for Pages.  I’ll go over: what is new, why is it good, and the one thing you may miss.


New Design and Layout

The most obvious of these changes is the new cover image.  This is your first impression and a way to grab some attention and showcase your brand when people arrive at your page.  The Cover image spans the entire width of the top of the page (dimensions are 850 pixels by 315 pixels).

In the lower left-hand corner of your cover image resides your profile image.  This is a great place for your logo or another image that you want to use to represent your business.  This will show up next to your posts as your ‘thumbnail’ used to.

The navigation that was once at the top of your page in ‘tabs’ then over on the left side in a list, now returns to the top of the page in cute little boxes.  Photos will remain in the first box, but you can change the order of everything else however you desire.

Below the cover image, posts are lined up along a timeline.


Functionality – This is the really exciting piece.

You now have the ability to showcase posts that you deem worthy by either pinning them or highlighting them.

You know when you have a really great post and you hate to see it move down your wall?  Now you can pin it to the top so it is the first post people see when they visit your page. The post you pin to the top of your page will remain at the top for up to 7 days or until you pin another one. (Do this by hovering over a story and clicking the pencil icon)

Highlighting a post will leave it in its position on your timeline but will make it span the entire width of the page kind of like giving it center stage for its moment in time.  (Do this by hovering over a story and clicking the star icon)


Messages!  I am and super excited about this one.  Now individuals can privately message the admin of a page.  This comes in super handy when someone wants to ask a question but doesn’t necessarily feel the need for it to be public.  If you don’t want someone to privately message you, you have the ability to turn this functionality off.

Admin Panel – your “Mission Control” as it is being called

This is the place where you can view and manage all your activity including: Notifications, New Likes, Insights, and Messages.  It is also the place you go to edit your page as well as view your activity log (less fancy version of your timeline). See example below:

The main thing you may miss……. or maybe not.

With Timeline for Pages, you can no longer choose which tab new visitors land on when they come to your page for the first time.  If you had a custom designed landing or ‘welcome’ tab, this will be a sad day for you as it will no longer be the place new fans land.  You can still keep it and showcase it in the top navigation boxes but it will not be the default landing tab any longer (but stay tuned, because developers are working on ways to embed a “welcome” tab into the new timeline pages).

There are quite a few changes and lots of new functionality but I didn’t think you wanted to read a novel so this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more info www.Facebook.com/AspenGroveMarketing.com and take some time to explore your new page and all the great things you can do with it now.  This will be helpful for you moving forward.

All in all, I am very excited about the changes and like that Facebook is continually improving.

I hope this was helpful and as always, if you have any additional questions along the way let me know.


~Amy Alcorn
Marketing Director
Aspen Grove Marketing