So you’re on board, you want to ride that social media train.  Perhaps you aren’t too sure where to start or maybe you are on your way, but not sure where you are going.  Here are a few steps, 7 to be exact, to help you along the way.

1.       Define (and write down) your goals for using Social Media.  What are you hoping to get from Social Media?

Why do you want to start using Social Media for your business? If you are just looking for another avenue to push your sales and promotions through, you may want to expand your goals.  Social Media is all about connections and building relationships.  Here are a few additional ideas to get you thinking –

  • Spread awareness
  • Build your brand identity
  • Connect with customers and grow loyalty
  • Keep your business top of mind
  • Add additional points of contact
  • Build a community
  • Open another customer service channel
  • Create a feedback tunnel
  • Leverage your fans to help with promotion

2.       Describe your target audience. Who are your fans?

Knowing who you are trying to reach and connect with will help you immensely.  The basics are important to know (i.e. age range, gender, etc.), but also think about where they are located, what they like to do for fun, and what they are interested in. Once you know who your fans are it will be easier for you to connect with them.

3.       Determine your ‘voice’ and embrace it. Who are you?

The best brands have a clear and defined voice. What voice are you going to use when communicating through social media? Think about the following:

  • Who is talking?
  • What is your personality?

Develop your voice and own it.  If you have more than one person posting/tweeting, make sure you are all using the same voice and keep it consistent across all platforms.

If you would rather use your own individual voices, you can, but be sure to sign your posts/tweets with your name so those following you know who it was coming from.

4.       Choose your platforms.

A common misconception is that you need to be on every single Social Media platform for best results.  In reality, the best results come from staying committed to your platform(s) and connecting with and engaging your fans.

Determine which platforms are best for you and focus on them. For a brief overview of the major ones see “Social Media.  What is it and why should you care?”.

 5.       Develop your strategy and create a plan.

  • Who is in charge?
  • Who will generate content?
  • Who will monitor and reply to comments and posts?
  • Where can you connect your platform(s) to your overall marketing plan?
    • Do you have links on your website? In your emails? On your email signature?

6.       Create a system to keep you on track and manage your content. 

I like to use a spreadsheet.  On this spreadsheet, I track the date, content ideas, posts, and responses. Do what works for you.

  • Brainstorm content and write your ideas down.
    • What do you have of value that your target market wants/needs/would benefit from?
  • Include reminders to check your insights/analytics (if available) to reevaluate which kinds of content are the most engaging.  What are your fans interacting with?

7.       Start connecting and stay dedicated to it!

Have fun! I’ll be here if you have any questions along the way.

~Amy Alcorn
Marketing Director at Aspen Grove Marketing